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The Cloverhurst Benevolent Foundation, Inc. provides assistance to undergraduate and graduate brothers of the Kappa Deuteron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta who are experiencing life-paralyzing events or conditions and are in need of counseling or other professional services, and/or financial resources, to help them survive, heal and thrive.  

The Cloverhurst Benevolent Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charity.


The Cloverhurst Benevolent Foundation, Inc.  envisions a supporting and nurturing environment for the brothers of Kappa Deuteron that extends beyond their undergraduate tenure, and CBF believes that it can provide life-saving assistance to any individual member of the chapter as an act of enduring love and commitment to the membership of the fraternity. 

CBF implements the vision through assessments of individual cases and tailoring assistance according to need. Assistance may include any combination of professional services, small group interventions, and monetary grants. The CBF Board sets guidelines for how its resources are accumulated, invested for growth and allocated to Kappa Deuteron brothers in need. 


The CBF Board of Directors manages all aspects of fundraising, resource management, case evaluation, and grant making. CBF operates as a non-profit charitable organization as defined by Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code and is incorporated in the State of Georgia. 

Committees of the CBF Board consist of the following: 1) Fundraising and Investment Committee, 2) Case Evaluation and Grant-Making Committee, and 3) Professional Services Recruitment Committee. The By-Laws of CBF allow for a maximum of nine Board members, however, these by-laws may be easily amended to expand the Board membership, if necessary. The By-Laws also state that at least one Board seat is reserved for the current President of the Kappa Deuteron chapter, or his designee. 

The CBF Board also authorizes the creation of a CBF “Advisory Council” that may have as many as 25 members.  The CBF Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Board and manages its own schedule and elects its own officers. The CBF Advisory Council is intended to serve as an outreach organization to the larger Kappa Deuteron membership of both graduate and undergraduate members. 

Organizational Description and Operational Details

CBF Organizational Description and Operational Details (pdf)



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