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The Cloverhurst Benevolent Foundation is a 501(c)3 Not for Profit organization founded to assist graduate brothers who suffer with substance abuse, clinical depression, family, professional or financial problems and are not receiving adequate support from traditional sources. There are UGA Phi Gam brothers with problems who do not seek support or do not have a support system and so have "fallen through the cracks." We seek to identify and help these individuals.  


To prevent UGA Fiji suicide, provide psychiatric/psychological counseling,  legal counseling/support, financial counseling /support and other professional counseling as needed with minimum overheard. At this time, there are no salaried positions and no Board member receives any financial benefit. Other than start up costs for legal filings, bank and website fees, the Foundation has no ongoing expenses. Other than the just mentioned fees, 100% of donations go toward assisting those in need.

We hope that the success of this organization will serve as a template for other Phi Gam chapters and then spread to non Phi Gam fraternities. 


We seek $100,000.00 to fund the organization. 100 donations of $1000.00 or more by brothers and other concerned people will meet this goal.

If you choose not to give financially, please pledge your time and provide pro bono services such as: medical, legal, psychological, spiritual, dental, contracting and financial.


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