Funding Sources and Resource Management

CBF funds its operations and grants from donations by both the graduate and undergraduate members of the Kappa Deuteron chapter. The CBF Board accomplishes its fundraising from graduate members primarily through a series of one-on-one solicitations and small events such as lunch gatherings and after-hours discussions. CBF also takes advantage of social events at the Kappa Deuteron house to remind graduates of the value of the CBF mission and to discuss progress of the organization. 

Undergraduate members of the chapter are not currently assessed any per member fee, but such a fee may be adopted by the Chapter in the future. [Any assessment of undergrads must be fully vetted with the PL and the chapter undergraduate leadership.]Undergraduate chapter members are encouraged to attend the annual meeting of CBF held during the day of the Pig Dinner festivities. At the Pig Dinner evening event, the CBF Board Chair or other member of the Board gives a brief report of the annual meeting and other updates of CBF work.

CBF’s financial resources are managed by the Fundraising and Investment Committee of the Board. The Committee consults with and relies upon the assistance of graduate members of the chapter who have relevant experience in managing the assets of not-for-profit institutions. The intent of the Board is to achieve an endowment sufficient to yield sufficient annual income to fund the operations and grants awarded in any single year. This implies keeping operational expenses very low and awarding the financial components of grants very carefully. The Board has set a maximum of $5,000 per financial grant award with the possibility of making one or more additional grants to a brother-in-need, depending on the circumstances of each case. 

CBF relies on graduate brothers with careers in accounting to assist with preparation of annual reports and tax returns. Upon request, the organization will provide to any member of the Kappa Deuteron a copy of the annual financial statements and a copy of the annual formal “review” by the organization’s outside accountant. CBF anticipates that it will engage the services of an independent accountant to perform a formal audit of its accounts every five years. 

Organizational Description and Operational Details

CBF Organizational Description and Operational Details (pdf)