Recruiting and Providing Professional Services

CBF relies on the substantial depth of experience of its graduate brothers to provide professional services for its brothers-in-need grant program. These experienced brothers are sometimes only asked by the Board to provide advice about how to handle a particular case. Other times, the Board may call on these graduates to donate actual services directly to the brother-in-need. 

The Professional Services Recruitment (PSR) Committee develops and maintains a close working relationship with those brothers who agree to provide services to CBF and its grant recipients. The PSR Committee sometimes works closely with the EGM Committee to find the right professional to assist a particular brother-in-need. 

CBF accepts these professional services as in-kind contributions to the Foundation, and will assist the professional provider with any tax-related documentation required by the IRS or the provider. 

Following are some of the professional fields of expertise utilized or needed by CBF to assist brothers-in-need: 


Drug and alcohol rehabilitation

Financial services and counseling

Legal services and advice (criminal, civil, domestic, contractual)

Psychiatric services

Psychological counseling

Marriage counseling

Medical services

Organizational Description and Operational Details

CBF Organizational Description and Operational Details (pdf)