Scope and Delivery of Services

The CBF Board sets specific procedures for identifying brothers in need and delivering services and/or financial resources to meet their individual needs. These procedures include: 

1) An application signed by at least two members of the chapter (the “Sponsoring Committee”) on behalf of a brother-in-need. The application includes detailed information about the specific nature of the need and assistance being requested by the Sponsoring Committee. 

2) A discussion between the brother-in-need and the Sponsoring Committee which occurs either before or after the acceptance of the application by the Board’s Case Evaluation and Grant Making Committee (“the EGM Committee”). 

3) The EGM Committee will consider the request by the Sponsoring Committee a range of additional options to assist the brother-in-need and will recommend a “grant package” for consideration by the full Board. Only the members of the Sponsoring Committee and the EGM Committee will know the name of the brother-in-need, unless that brother allows – in writing - his name to be known to the Board or the membership at large. 

4) The brother-in-need will sign a “Pledge of Responsibility” that outlines his obligations under the terms of the grant, should a grant be awarded by the Board.


5) The full Board will consider and vote on an application after receiving a favorable recommendation from the EGM Committee, an outline of the terms of the grant, and a copy of the signed Pledge. 

6) The EGM Committee will periodically review the status and progress of any brother-in-need who has received a grant, and will consider additional rounds of assistance to such a brother depending on his individual needs and his progress against goals. Any such additional assistance must also be considered and approved by the Board.